Adam Roseman Online

ARC China, where Adam Roseman is the founder and CEO, advises that investors should shift out of companies that rely on overseas sales that should move towards those that sell products domestically.  Such advice comes as they explain that China’s export model is in need of repair.

As Adam Roseman explained in a recent interview, “The export economy model is completely broken. They are working as fast as they can to develop their domestic economy.”

ARC China recommends, instead, to invest in Chinese retailers and similar industries, and to also invest in companies that focus on energy efficiency.

China has placed a huge economic focus on their energy-saving and carbon emission-reduction projects, allocating 210 billion Yuan ($31 billion) for these purposes.

As Adam Roseman ARC China points out, “There’s tremendous pressure from the civilian level all the way to the very senior government officials to make China cleaner,” Roseman said.

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