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traffic circle in ChinaSuperReturn Asia is the premier  conference, held annually, which examines the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry in China and Asia. This year’s conference took place on September 27-30, 2010 and was co-sponsored by the investment firm ARC China. Adam Roseman, the founder and managing Director of ARC China, was the moderator for an informative panel discussion investigating a particular aspect of the private equity and venture capital industry entitled, “Examining The Development & Growth Of A Sustainable Domestic Private Equity & Venture Capital Ecosystem In China: What More Is Needed For The Long Term Strength Of The Industry?”

This panel discussion was part of the popular “China Summit,” one of the  events at the SuperReturn Asia 2010 conference. The panel looked at many relevant subjects that are of interest, including exit strategies and the importance and need for transparency in the domestic listing process in China. Also discussed were ways to expand mainstream securities and other financial structures, the growth and change of the legal and educational institutions which are critical for the support of China’s growing private equity industry, and other crucial subjects.

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