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Adam Roseman,Dalian MeetingIn recent news from ARC China, Dalian Huayuankou Economic Zone and ARC China held a signing ceremony on February 9th to form the Liaoning Huayuankou Investment Fund (the “Fund”), which will be established through a joint investment totaling RMB 1 billion (approximately US$146 million).

This marks the creation of the first private equity fund in partnership with the local government in Dalian, a region with a population of over 6 million and one of the two biannual locations of Summer Davos.  The Fund will focus on investments in the industrial economy.

ARC China, with CEO Adam Roseman, will provide services to help with the development of Huayuankou area by helping local companies with their overseas marketing, by consulting with local companies about foreign capital markets, and by providing local companies with opportunities for international mergers and more.

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