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china-29green1FUJIAN, China, May 18, 2008 – Adam Roseman, CEO and Founder of ARC China, Inc., presented to attendees of “The 4th Leaders’ Summit of International Chambers of Commerce & Business Talks on Green Industries” on trends in the clean energy sector and the immense growth potential for renewable energy industries in China.   The international conference was held in conjunction with the Commodities Fair Fujian China (CFFC) 2008.

Since 2006, the conference has focused on topics such as environmental protection, clean energy, energy saving practices, and green industries. The themes of the 2008 conference included green energy, green agriculture, green architecture and building materials and related services. State and Fujian provincial officials and over 100 Chinese and foreign business and professional people attended the conference.

Eight guests from ARC Investment Partners, a private equity firm based in Beverly Hills, California, including CEO Adam Roseman, were among the invitation-only attendees from around the world at the second annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference.

This prestigious event, held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly amassed world leaders, Fortune 100 CEOs, heads of state and many other concerned and active supporters of CGI. Together these leaders committed to over 7.3 billion dollars in aid to focus on four key areas: religious reconciliation, health care in developing nations, the elimination of extreme poverty, and research into and development of climate change/renewable energy sources.

Invited to the conference as “emerging leaders”, Mr. Roseman and his guests learned from and networked with many prominent figures from a large variety of fields of expertise, including Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Laura Bush, Shimon Peres, Kofi Annan and many others.

Commitments were made by Adam M. Roseman and each of his guests  to support and promote initiatives to improve global health care and  climate / renewable energies .