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According to a newsletter article by Adam Roseman of ARC China, China received a  104 in consumer confidence the third quarter in a survey conducted by the Neilsen Company.

The article states: “Consumers in Chinese rural areas expressed the highest level of confidence, with a one-point increase in the third quarter, followed by citizens of the most prosperous cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai- which are generally referred as first tier cities, along with Guanzhou and Shenzhen. Consumer confidence levels above and below a baseline of 100 indicate varying degrees of optimism and pessimism. Across China’s regions, Central and Eastern China both ranked the highest, followed by West China, and East/North China, respectively.”

Adam M. Roseman is the founder and CEO of ARC China Inc., a private equity firm specializing in investing in and partnering with domestic Chinese companies with potential for high growth. ARC China has offices in New York, Los Angeles,  Chengdu, Beijing and most recently in Shanghai.

ARC China Inc., an affiliate of ARC China Investment Partners LLC, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, recently expanded its China operations to include a new office in Shanghai which will be the Chinese headquarters, thereby enlarging its staff and bringing the total number of employees in its China locations to approximately 12. The new staff will focus their efforts on deal sourcing,  providing support for its existing portfolio companies  and on-the-ground due diligence.

Among the industries which ARC China Inc. focuses on are healthcare, resources, consumer industries and clean-technology.

china-46redflowers1Speaking at the Fourth ” Leader’s Summit of the International Chambers of Commerce and Business Talks on Green Industries”,  Adam Roseman of ARC China stated that there is a great potential for growth for the renewable energy industry in China.

Roseman’s knowledge of the renewable energy sector stems from his experience at the helm of ARC China, where he has been heavily involved working with biofuels, solar, and energy efficiency companies from rapidly growing economies around the world and now exclusively focusing on domestic Chinese companies.  ARC China manages multiple investment funds and maintains extensive relationships with strategic venture capital, private equity firms, private investors and other financial institutions in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which invest with ARC China to provide capital to a wide range of companies to ensure their growth and continued success.  ARC China also provides full assistance and advisory in M&A transactions.

“Building a society focused on resource conservation and environmentally friendly practices are important factors in China’s modernization efforts and provide great opportunities for Fujian businesses and green industries as a whole. We very much appreciate the informative presentation given today by Mr. Adam Roseman from ARC China, Inc.  It is our hope that Fujian businesses will benefit from Mr. Roseman’s vast knowledge pertaining to the future of green industries as well as ARC China’s expertise in renewable energy and utilize this information to further expand within the green sector,”

said Mr. Xu Meidi, Vice Chair, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Fujian Sub-Council and Fujian Chamber of International Commerce.

china-29green1FUJIAN, China, May 18, 2008 – Adam Roseman, CEO and Founder of ARC China, Inc., presented to attendees of “The 4th Leaders’ Summit of International Chambers of Commerce & Business Talks on Green Industries” on trends in the clean energy sector and the immense growth potential for renewable energy industries in China.   The international conference was held in conjunction with the Commodities Fair Fujian China (CFFC) 2008.

Since 2006, the conference has focused on topics such as environmental protection, clean energy, energy saving practices, and green industries. The themes of the 2008 conference included green energy, green agriculture, green architecture and building materials and related services. State and Fujian provincial officials and over 100 Chinese and foreign business and professional people attended the conference.