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In a recent article in The Vancouver Sun, the question was asked, is making an investment in Chinese forestry today, a risk or an opportunity?  Well, perhaps one needs first to take a look at the Chinese language and how successful Chinese investors such as Adam Roseman of ARC Investment Partners make it in the investing world.  Doing this, one will soon realize that it could be one and the same.  For example, in Chinese, the character for crisis is comprised of two characters: danger and opportunity.

It seems like the main concern right now for Chinese investors is that neither China nor Canada seem to be in possession of “any type of formal agreement on cooperative investigations and inspections in the field.”  This has to be worrisome because most of these operations are actually taking place in China.  As well, there is the issue of the country’s “continuing forest tenure reform, to relocate its traditional collective-owned forests to individual farmers under a ‘forest contract responsibility system.’”  The goal however, is a very admirable one – to try and give farmers a bit of a lift and at the same time, build a more “harmonious society.”

Whatever  happens, at the end of the day if the problems aren’t sorted out, the situation could indeed put off Chinese investors such as ARC Investment Partners Adam Roseman.  On the other hand, they could do like the Chinese do and see the potential “crisis” as “danger” with “opportunity” and take the plunge.

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