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According to a report by the Chinese Academy of Social Science, consumer spending in the retail sector in China is expected to double by 2015.

ARC China is an investment firm that focuses on China. In their newsletter, Adam Roseman states “Given that China’s investment-driven economic growth cannot be sustained indefinitely, the domestic consumer market will be the key to future economic growth in China. Indeed, as fears of a double dip recession hit the world, the one consumer segment that has defied analysts and kept on spending at pre-recession levels are Chinese women.”

The article goes on the  say: “3,000 women consumers in 12 cities in China were recently surveyed by China Market Research Group, and 85 percent of them said they expected to pay more in the next six months than in the last six. Despite recent food inflation, they remain optimistic about their own careers and ability of the government to navigate the country through crisis.”

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