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chineseantern1A major earthquake occurred in the Sechuan region of China while  Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China was visiting  on business. After seeing the devastation in the wake of the disaster Roseman vowed to do what he could to  give back to the community and  rebuild the place that had fostered his great love and appreciation for the culture and people of China.

When he returned to the United States Roseman immediately began to organize a large fundraiser to benefit the people of the  region hit by the  earthquake.  The goals of the fundraiser were to raise awareness for the ongoing relief efforts and  to provide food, water, shelter and emergency aid to the more than five million Chinese left homeless by the deadly quake.

The immensely successful “Fundraiser to Benefit the Sichuan Earthquake Province Relief Efforts” raised subsequent funds for the Red Cross Society of China Sichuan Province, a charitable organization on the front lines of the region’s restoration and relief efforts.  During Roseman’s subsequent trips to the area, he has focused heavily on giving back to the survivors in numerous ways; donating laptops and school supplies to a middle school completely demolished by the earthquake, investing in local businesses, and participating in donation ceremonies to bring attention to the area’s plight.

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